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Adenwalla-The Most Reputed Permatex Dealers in Pakistan

The Ultimate Guide to Gasket Makers: Gaskets are an essential part of any engine, creating a seal between two surfaces to prevent leaks and ensure proper operation. However, not all gaskets are created equal, and traditional gaskets may not always be the best option for certain applications. That’s where gasket makers come in, providing a […]

Armor all tire foam


In your hectic and on-the-go lifestyle, your car’s tires are probably the last thing you would give a thought to. But then you’re on your way to an important meeting and you have a blowout, or you’re loading your kids in the car for school, and you notice you have a flat. Your tires have […]

WD40-High-Performance-White-Lithium in karachi

Everything you need to know about WD-40 High Performance Silicon Lubricant

A smooth life is what everyone aspires to, therefore isn’t it fantastic to have one that is free of obstacles? Although eliminating all of your hurdles at once could be challenging, a WD-40 High-Performance Silicon Lubricant is the initial step in that direction. Smart inventions like WD-40 High-Performance Silicon Lubricant are useful in many kinds […]

CRC Galva brite in pakistan

A Complete Guide for the Usage of CRC Silicone Spray

Industrial Maintenance products in Pakistan have gone a long way. One of the most eminent developments in the Maintenance sector is CRC silicone sprays.  With the aid of silicone spray, rusted or too stiffened things can move more freely. By lessening surface friction, it does this. Although it has some advantages, it can be utilized […]

armorall-7pc-car-cleaning-kit-bucket online shop in karachi

10 Things You Need in a Car Cleaning Kit

what can be more annoying than sitting in or driving a dirty car? If you use your car for your daily commute, you get in and out of it several times a day. All this activity can give your car some serious beating from the outside and inside. The dirt and mud from the roads […]


The world has become diverse. But the only thing that they have a common love for is WD-40, a lubricant, degreaser, and a rust remover that usually comes with a blue and yellow aerosol and a red straw nozzle. More than 50% of the population have their hands on the amazing WD-40.  Originally WD-40 was […]

oil treatment bottle

Keep Your Car Running New And Smooth With Adenwalla

Driving cars is therapeutic, it’s scientifically acknowledged. Having your own car is empowering, exciting, and elating; it is an achievement in itself. Coming home with your own car in pristine condition every day is absolute happiness but we’re talking about keeping it under the same condition for as long as you have it, now that […]


How to treat Structural Dampness?

What is Structural Dampness? Structural dampness is the presence of unwanted moisture in the structure of a building, which may manifest itself as stains, molds or flaking paint. What Causes Structural Dampness? Dampness in building may occur due to bad design, faulty construction, poor quality building material, faulty plumbing, rain water penetration or the capillary […]

rust remover

How to Remove Rust from Stainless Steel Surfaces?

What is rust? When you see the development of a reddish-brown, flaky coat upon a metal surface, this indicates that the oxidation of iron and its alloys has occurred. We see this corrosion in our homes especially in the kitchen and bathrooms in appliances and fittings fashioned from stainless steel.  The vast majority of major [...]
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