OPTIMUM GREY combines maximum torque load and vibration resistance with extreme temperature resistance: -65°F to 700°F (-54°C to 371°C) intermittent, expanding uses and applications. This feature combination joined with outstanding resistance to oils, coolant, and shop fluids make OPTIMUM GREY one of the most versatile gasket makers available. Also, an extra nozzle is included adding convenience, eliminating the hassle of a clogged nozzle, and allowing multiple uses of each tube without loss of product.

Where would I use OPTIMUM GREY?

Use on high-torque, high vibration, and high temperature applications, like those common in import & late model engines and component upgrades. OPTIMUM GREY is best for assemblies where high temperature and high vibration exist. Application examples include valve covers, intake manifold end seals, timing covers, water pump and thermostat housings, exhaust manifolds/headers, and slip-fit exhaust parts.

What is the difference betwen ULTRA GERY and OPTIMUM GREY?

OPTIMUM GREY is up to 15% more flexible than ULTRA GREY and delivers 40% higher temperature resistance while maintaining outstanding resistance to oils, coolant, and shop fluids. OPTIMUM GREY combines the maximum torque load and vibration resistance capabilities of ULTRA GREY with the maximum temperature range of ULTRA COPPER: -65°F to 700°F (-54°C to 371°C) intermittent. These feature combinations expand uses and applications making OPTIMUM GREY one of the most versatile gasket makers available. Also, an extra nozzle is included adding convenience.

The Permatex® RTV Silicone that I am using is too thick to fill the gap in my application; can I add acetone to the silicone to make the product thinner? Permatex® does not suggest adding

Permatex® does not suggest adding any solvents, chemicals or fillers to any of or products that will change their formulas, characteristics or the way that the Permatex® product was designed to perform. Permatex® offers many other products that may work for your application. You can contact the Permatex Tech Center at 1-877-376-2839 and, if you give them more information, they will be able to help you select another product that might work for your application.

Is the Permatex® Ultra Copper® Maximum Temperature RTV Silicone electrically conductive and does it have copper?

The Ultra Copper® is a silicone product and is copper in color. It does not contain any copper or other metal and it is not electrically conductive. For additional information, go to the Ultra Copper product page and view the TDS.

Where would you use the Aviation Form-A-Gasket® No.3 Sealant?

The Aviation Form-A-Gasket is a slow drying, non-hardening, sealant, resists gasoline, oil and grease. It is used for close-fitting machined surfaces, sealing hoses and solid gaskets.

What is the difference between Form-A-Gasket® #1 and Form-A-Gasket® #2?

Form-A-Gasket® #1: fast drying, hard setting, designed for rigid materials and flanges. Form-A-Gasket® #2: slow drying, non hardening, designed for sealing cut gaskets on non-rigid, vibrating, stamped parts, allows for easy disassembly if required.

Can the Permatex® Rust Treatment be used as a primer under exterior automotive sheet metal finishes?

Permatex® does not suggest using Rust Treatment for this type of application. It may cause blistering or peeling of the paint.

What types of materials are considered “active” and “inactive”?

Active Soft Steel Iron Copper Nickel Bronze Manganese Brass Aluminum Alloy
Inactive Bright Plating Anodized Surfaces Titanium Zinc Pure Aluminum Stainless Steel Cadmium

Should the Surface Prep Activator be used before applying the Threadlockers?

The Surface Prep Activator is suggested for use on inactive surfaces and it can be used to accelerate the cure time for anaerobic products applied to active surfaces. The product is also a general purpose solvent for cleaning and preparing parts and surfaces.

How do you remove a part that was assembled with a High Strength Threadlocker?

Apply heat 450F+ to the parts and remove the fasteners when hot.

Why are there different colored Threadlockers?

The different colors indicate the different strengths of the products. Purple = Low strength, Blue= Medium Strength, Red= High Strength (other colors indicate different strengths for various applications).

Why does Permatex offer so many different Threadlockers?

The Threadlockers were created for different sealing and locking applications. Permatex® offer Threadlockers for small screws up to large diameter bolts, removable and permanent assemblies, high temperature applications and threadlockers for assembled and pre-assembled applications.

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