what can be more annoying than sitting in or driving a dirty car? If you use your car for your daily commute, you get in and out of it several times a day. All this activity can give your car some serious beating from the outside and inside. The dirt and mud from the roads and trash and spills inside the car can give it an unsightly look. 

Having your car cleaned regularly makes good sense. Firstly it is good to keep it maintained and the rides pleasant and secondly a clean car promises the best resale value. Just like you would proudly welcome guests in your clean house, you will always be offering rides and carpools in your clean car. However, taking your car to a car wash every time can be quite burdensome. 

Nevertheless, for the masses, cleaning cars at home is the best and only option. You can get hold of a DIY(Do it yourself) car cleaning kit and help yourself—and your car.

Here is a list of 12 must-haves for your car cleaning kit.

Do not say that you do not have a bucket or two in your car trunk! Buckets are so much under-credited when compared to how useful they are. It is always handy to have a pair of buckets in your car—please avoid unnecessary splurges to get your hands on something fancy. Anything ugly will even do as far as it can hold water.

It is better to have two buckets, one can hold soapy water while you can use the other one to rinse your washing mitts. Your buckets can hold all cleaning supplies in your car trunk in between the washes. 

  • Car shampoo: 

We know, you mean to say that after all, it is soap, why go fancy? But no! just like you are careful in choosing the perfect shampoo for your hair, please be a little considerate for your car. 

Car shampoo has special ingredients that maintain, clean, and shine your car’s exterior. Be alert! With car shampoo, a little goes a long way. Read the instructions carefully. Usually, a cap full of shampoo is enough to give you a bucket full of sudsy water.

  • Hose nozzle for powerplay:

If you have been using usually garden hose to wash your car, you are in the wrong spot. It is advisable to get hold of a fire hose nozzle of a pressure wand. Anything that promises a powerful spray will clean your car in no time.

  • Grit guard:

Do you know why it is advised to never let dirt sit on your car? It causes scratches. Now imagine you wipe clean your car with a sponge and then wet it again and wipe it again—the deposited dirt on the sponge will cause some serious scratches. 

Fret not! grit guards are to your rescue. These are small plastic screens. After rinsing your sponge, you can rub it against a grit guard to get off any dirt that has stuck to the sponge.

  • Washing mitts:

If you love your car, get a pair of washing mitts. They are very different from ordinary towels. They help in taking care of the paint and hold a lot of soapy water. You can even make your kids wear washing mitts and have a fun family car washing time.

  • The wheel brush:

Just like a toothbrush, a wheel brush can get into hard-to-reach spots and get all the unwanted stuff out very easily. You can scrub off all the dirt and see the clean and shiny wheels and rims of your car. You know, the power hose nozzle alone cannot handle everything out there.

  • Car wax:

If you are worried about dealing with car wax, always remember that these products are manufactured for the ease of customer’s use. They are supposed to be simple. So is car wax. It effortlessly leaves your car shining. Moreover car wax protects the exterior of your automobile from scratches and color fade-outs. 

When buying car shampoo, read carefully. A few versions contain car wax. So you may not need to buy and use car wax separately.

  • Microfiber towels should be your next pick:

Microfibers are hands down the best thing to have made it to the family of cleaning supplies. They are magical. With their soft finish and super absorbent quality, microfiber towels are your next best friend. Use them to dry your car after a thorough rinse. They promise a sparkling clean finish.

  • Car dash dusters:

We have talked about everything related to the exterior of the car. However, do you realize that the interior of your car needs equal care and cleaning? Especially the dashboard. It accumulates dust and germs because of constant human contact. Also, the dust particles can cause scratches. 

It is good to get specially designed dashboard dusters. They are made to get into all those nooks and crannies for deep cleaning. If you cannot find one, microfiber cloth or even baby wipes can be your best bet.

  • Glass cleaner:

This is perhaps the most underestimated cleaning supply. a window cleaner not only cleans your window off the stickiness and dirt but also protects it from future damage. Spray your windows and front and back screens with a glass cleaner. The next time when you spray water on the glass, it will immediately turn into beads and roll down with dirt and grime.

Last word:

Cleaning your car yourself can be immensely rewarding. If you want to stock up on good quality cleaning supplies, visit Adenwala’s. We promise you will not be disappointed. 

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