What if I get some on the side of the tile or in the joint?

Typically this isn’t a challenge because we are never flooding the surface with the 511 products. In the event a little gets into the joint it will not preclude the grout from staying in place, especially epoxy grout. Just don’t pour the 511 products over the surface and into the grout joint and you should have no difficulties.

Do I seal the grout and how long does the grout need to cure?

511 will allow vapor to escape and therefore will allow most grouts to cure without any troubles. Typically allowing the grout to cure 24 – 72 hours should be sufficient, but if the customer is in doubt follow the grout manufacturer’s guidelines for curing prior to applying 511 products. We recommend using the same product you have chosen to protect the tile or stone.

When do I use 511 Impregnator & when do I use 511 Porous Plus?

Think about 511 Porous Plus for oil and grease. If the surface is going to be exposed to oil and grease then you want to consider Porous Plus. After the oil consideration we then have to look at the substrate. If it is dense then 511 Impregnator will likely achieve what they want. If the substrate is very porous then they will want to consider using 511 Porous Plus. Both can be used on any surface. Keep in mind if the main focus is water and dirt not oil and grease, 511 Impregnator will work well on most all surfaces. MS can run a stain test using both products if they will send in two pieces of the surface.

I have white haze or streaky appearance after using the 511 products.

This means they have applied too much product and allowed it to dry on the surface. 511 can be reactivated by using more 511 or using mineral spirits, wetting the surface and immediately buffing dry. On polished stone surface the excess may be removed by buffing with #0 or #1 steel wool.

Will the 511 products make the surface slippery?

No. All surfaces treated will be less slippery. How much will vary from surface to surface and installation to installation.

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