The Revolutionary Threadlocker

When the threadlocker was invented in the mid 1900’s it was hailed revolutionary due to its ability as a thin, single component adhesive to prevent loosening, leakage and corrosion when applied to the threads of fasteners like screws and bolts.

The methacrylate based formula uses its electrochemical activity to cause polymerization of a fluid. Its thixotropic property is what helps its display a time dependent decrease in viscosity and allows it to flow over time while resisting shocks.

Keeping this property in mind, all automobile and engineering experts know that the trick is to apply only a small amount onto the thread of the screw or bolt otherwise excessive spillage might occur.

Most threadlocker brands including Permatex, available in Pakistan at Adenwalla & Sons, are colour coded to indicate strength. The colour also indicates whether the solution can be removed with ease or require heating.

The Permatex High Strength Removable Threadlocker Orange Gel is an exciting hybrid formula that is a coming together of durability of the Threadlocker Red and the ease of removability of the Threadlocker Blue. Created for the modern engines and machiner, the Permatex Orange Gel understands that preciousness of contemporary applications that are lightweight and can be removed with hand tools.

The Permatex Threadlocker Orange Gel is recommended by auto experts for high vibration applications such as power sports, heavy equipment, automotive and industrial applications. Because it boasts of the 3X strength of Threadlocker BLUE, Permatex Threadlocker ORANGE will make sure that pieces will not loosen.

The Permatex Seal + Lock Thread Compound takes this technology to the next level as it combines the magic of a thread sealant and a threadlocker. There is no need to use two products –one to seal and one to lock! This Seal and Lock will not let sealed connections loosen and locked fittings will not leak as it creates an air and water tight seal that seals to 1000 psi and locks to 120 lbs. sq. in. Resisting temperatures between -60 °F to 300 °F, Permatex Seal+ Lock is not just solvent resistant but also common shop fluid resistant that cures without cracking.

Visit the Adenwalla & Sons website for the Threadlocker Orange Gel by Permatex available online in Pakistan. View our branded array of automobile and home care products that are preferred by amateurs and experts alike as a trusted one-stop shop showcasing 900 product lines of international brands

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