Cork Underlayment

A Unique Set Of Benefits

Are you still wondering what is underlayment?
It´s the layer between the subfloor and final floor. It adds warmth, softness and noise reduction.
Cork – a 100% Natural Product – is one of the top choices for underlayment due to its unique cellular structure and incredible benefits.

Cork Underlay works as a protective barrier between your floor and subfloor giving unique features and advantages:

1. Acoustic Insulation
Cork absorbs sound better than most other underlayment solutions. It helps to reduce the noise within and between rooms, creating a quieter and more peaceful environment in your home, which is especially important in condominiums, apartments, and other multi-family dwellings.

2. Thermal Insulation
Cork has natural thermal insulation properties that helps keeping the floors feeling warm under your feet even when you are bare-feet. Cork underlayment will make floors feel much comfortable all year round.

3. Comfort
Cork has a flexible structure made from honeycomb-shaped cells that provides cushion as you walk on it. That same structure will help to relieve stress in your feet, legs, and back when standing on a flat, hard surface. By choosing a cork underlayment, you get the benefits of a softer surface regardless of the type of floor you have chosen.

4. Durability
The huge amount of gases in each cork cell is responsible for its extraordinary compressibility and elastic properties. This features will help the floor to remain stable and durable throughout the years.

5. Healthy Environment
The anti-microbial nature of cork inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew to create a healthier home environment. Additionally cork offers A-Plus air quality certification not releasing any harmful elements.

6. Sustainability
Another important benefit when choosing cork is that you are choosing a 100 % eco-friendly material. Many other underlayment options are synthetic materials, while cork is a natural product that comes from a renewable source and a climate positive production.

CORKSRIBAS has a wide range of cork underlayment’s that can meet any technical requests.

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