The world has become diverse. But the only thing that they have a common love for is WD-40, a lubricant, degreaser, and a rust remover that usually comes with a blue and yellow aerosol and a red straw nozzle. More than 50% of the population have their hands on the amazing WD-40. 

Originally WD-40 was only used by the aerospace industry. The WD in the name stands for water displacement and the 40 because it took the companies 40 tries to finally perfect the formula. Once it did, it was instantly used by aerospace professionals for protecting the outer skin of atlas missiles from rusting and corrosion. Then a few years later, with an increased demand for WD-40, the manufacturers and companies started to sell it to the regular public as well. After so many years, the original WD-40 is still in use, although so many variations have been invented like WD-40 BIKE, a product line geared at cycling maintenance. 

Here we have enlisted some of the most important uses of WD-40 which includes cleaning tools, fixing squeaky hinges, lubricating sticky drawers, and wheels, as well as rust prevention. All these are problems faced by almost all homes on an everyday basis. Therefore to have a solution that caters to all problems should be primarily considered. Here are a dozen of the more creative ones:WD-40

Untangling jewelry:
  • spray a little WD-40 on the tangled jewelry and there, you have it. You should be able to straighten up your jewelry in no time. 
Removing crayons from multiple surfaces:
  • No problem if your toddler is an uncontrollable, budding artist. The use of WD-40 will wash away all your worries along with the crayon marks on several surfaces like wallpaper, carpet, rocks walls, chalkboards, compressed wooden furniture, and glass. This pretty much sums up all the surfaces that are usually chosen for home floors or walls. 


Removing wax from candle holders:
  • you light up the candles for a birthday party not only to realize that the wax is dropped all over the candle holder. Scrapping the wax makes the situation even worse, nor does keeping the candle holder in the refrigerator work. Then comes the amazing WD-40 into play. Spray some of it and the accumulated wax is just gone. It is also recommended to spray the WD-40 inside the candle holders to prevent any of the mess. Furthermore, WD-40 is also used to polish brass candlesticks. So much versatility in one product. 
Removing gum:
  • If a kid gets gum stuck in his/her head, then instead of rubbing ice on the hair, spray a little WD-40 and the gum will immediately become detached. Just make sure to thoroughly wash your child’s hair after removing the gum. Plus it can also remove gum from your shoes or sandals.
Removing tape and sticker residue:
  • after purchasing this amazing product, you will never need to worry about affixing a sticker or tape on your house walls or windshield. WD-40 will surely help you remove the sticker and its residue. Likewise for telephone tape, spray some of it and then let it soak for a while and it’s all wiped off. 
Cleaning your car:
  • after returning from a relaxing summer trip, nobody would want their car’s bumper, grill, and windshield covered with bugs. A few attacks of WD-40 would wipe all of them away in no time. It can also be used to remove regular grim, tar, and paint. Do you know what’s the best of all? It does not ruin the original paint of your vehicle. 
Removing a variety of stains:
  • have some coffee spilled on your dress? WD-40  on the rescue! This magical product removes stains like lipstick, coffee, tea, berry, tomato stains, and your hair dye stains. Pretty much all the stains. These are some of the very important and crucial uses of WD-40 that nobody can refuse to have experienced. 
Removing hard water spots:
  • it’s so frustrating that your hard water leaves untidy spots on your door knocks or dishes or porcelain, tile, and metal surfaces. But drizzle WD-40 accordingly and get the spots off the material without a delay. When it is used on the dishes, make sure to wash it efficiently.
Keeping insects away:
  • as we discussed earlier, bugs on vehicles can be washed away by a thorough spray of WD-40. Likewise, insects on your doors, window frames, and any other surface can easily be washed away. Or you can also spray on such areas where insects try to gain entry to the house. This way spiders and all other insects will be kept out of the place. 
Helping out with paint jobs:
  • when it’s time for some serious painting, spray some WD-40 on the object which has the potential to get stained by the pain. By Spraying WD-40 paints will not adhere to the surface. In addition, WD-40 removes any stain from doorknobs, and tile floors, and also helps open the stuck paint can lid. 

These were some of the very important uses of WD-40 around our houses and not only that, it can be used anytime and anywhere. Get your hands on this magical product and make your life easier.

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