Industrial Maintenance products in Pakistan have gone a long way. One of the most eminent developments in the Maintenance sector is CRC silicone sprays. 

With the aid of silicone spray, rusted or too stiffened things can move more freely. By lessening surface friction, it does this. Although it has some advantages, it can be utilized similarly to oil. The majority of chemicals do not react with silicone lubricant spray, which also retains its greasiness in extremely cold temperatures and does not oxidize. Additionally, it is water-resistant and makes it possible to lubricate difficult-to-reach areas like bearings and moving parts in machines.

Metal, plastic, rubber, vinyl, wood, nylon, and many more materials can be lubricated with silicone spray. The majority of high-quality silicone lubricants, like CRC Silicone, are made to perform effectively in freezing and extremely hot climates. Moreover, they have the ability to repel water, which safeguards objects that are susceptible to rust. 

What is the purpose of a CRC silicone spray?

Many industries, including the automotive and industrial ones, employ silicone lubricant. The spray is ideal for rust-damaged areas inside and outside the house. It is a silicone spray with multiple uses that are used for everyday lubrication. It lubricates, waterproofs, and revives without endangering affected surfaces or leaving marks and stains after usage. It also leaves a thin, clear, and odorless film. It works wonders as a mold release. In order to increase the life of machinery and other industrial equipment, the companies providing industrial maintenance products in Pakistan are thriving to produce the best.

Motor vehicles

Several areas of a car can benefit from silicone spray application. For instance, car doors, hinges, linkages, window guides, and bushes can all be lubricated with CRC silicone spray. Rubber moldings, weather strips, grommets, O-rings, rubber seals, dashboards, door moldings, plastic components, and mountings are all preserved and protected by it.
A little silicone spray can help if your seatbelts and seat belt loops are becoming a bit challenging to use or are releasing too slowly. Before feeding it back in, spray it onto the stretched belt and give it some time to respond.
Silicone spray also restores the appearance of your tires and prevents dead bugs from accumulating on bumpers and grilles, where more specialized solvent-based restorers aren’t suitable. You can also use it to refresh the color of most plastic and rubber components and to waterproof ignition systems. These car care products in Pakistan play an excellent role.

Industrial use

Several industrial sectors can make use of silicone lubricant spray. CRC Silicone spray reduces friction and lubricates across a wide range of temperatures and pressures. That makes it an ideal silicone lubricant spray for freezing chamber and furnace applications.
Pumps, compressors, conveyor rollers, shutters, hoists, tracks, lifting gear, and blocks are all excellent places to utilize CRC 808 Silicone Spray. Additionally having great mold release qualities, CRC works well as a separation agent and machine base lubricant.


Sports and outdoor equipment can be weatherproofed and waterproofed with silicone lubricant spray. The finest feature of silicone lubricant is that it may be used on shelters, groundsheets, boots, duffel bags, golf bags, and waterproofs without leaving stains.
Additionally, it offers unparalleled lubrication for all sailboat rigging equipment, cycles, skateboards, rollerblades, and ski equipment. It is therefore essential for any garage or shed. It can also be used to get rid of oil and grease stains. 

In homes 

Around the house, silicone lubricant spray has several applications. For doors and windows, locks, catches, blinds and bathroom tracks, cabinetry slides, trolleys, hinges, plastic rollers, stitching and knitting machine components and slides, zip fasteners, model trains, cars, and children’s toys, fully automated pool cleaners, garden and workshop tools and equipment, CRC Silicone spray is the perfect lubricant. In fact, just reach for a container of CRC if anything is sticking or not performing as it should!


-Product with Multiple Uses: Rejuvenates, lubricates, waterproofs, cleans, and shines.
-Clear, scentless, and stain-free There is no need for greasy substances.-
-Most materials are not harmed – Metals, plastics, rubber, inks, paints, textiles, glass, adhesives, and adhesive-backed wood
-Reduces Wear and Friction and decreases noise. increases product life. minimizes downtime
-Excellent machine bed lubricant, parting agent, and mold release
-Avoids Moisture and maintains position in moist situations.
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