What is rust?

When you see the development of a reddish-brown, flaky coat upon a metal surface, this indicates that the oxidation of iron and its alloys has occurred. We see this corrosion in our homes especially in the kitchen and bathrooms in appliances and fittings fashioned from stainless steel.  The vast majority of major appliances used in our homes are made of austenitic type stainless steel or ferritic stainless steel. Moresoin industries, stainless steel uses range from tanks to pipes, pumps, and valves in oil, gas, and chemical factories.

Why does it attack stainless steel surfaces?

Even though stainless steel is armed with built-in corrosion resistance due to the presence of chromium but it can and will rust in certain conditions when exposed to damaging chemicals, saline, grease, moisture, or heat for prolonged periods of time. Because stainless steel’s protection against corrosion is largely dependent on the amount of chromium present, in the absence of adequate chromium content near the surface of the stainless steel, a new chromium oxide layer cannot be formed when the top layer is scratched off.

How Adenwalla& Sons Products will help combat rust:

The CRC Rust Remover: This product available at Adenwalla is a safe, effective, fast-acting formula that removes rust, not metal. This needs no sandblasting or heavy wire brushing and leaves metal clean and ready to paint, plate, or powder coatcrc rust remover

CRC 3-36 and SP 400 (Protection): CRC SP 400 is a long-term, outdoor, and indoor corrosion inhibitor for machined surfaces and assemblies which are exposed to long periods of storage or adverse shipping conditions. The amber, the dry, waxy film is resistant to humidity and severe corrosive situations.

sp-400 rust removerAdenwalla& Sons promises global brands and local excellence and have built a niche for itself since the last three decades as a renowned trading and distribution house of international brands catering to industrial maintenance, building & construction, auto care, and home care products in Pakistan. Visit the Adenwalla& Sons online store to take a look at our complete range of products.

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