A Sealant with a Promise

If there is any need for sealing, bonding or repairing, a reliable sealant provides the promise of much-needed relief. May it be waterproofing basins, floor seams, gutters, pipe conduits, window frames, skylight joints–a superior quality sealant is something to have handy. Be it wood, concrete, stone, metal, zinc, bitumen or PVC–indoorsor outdoors–from bathrooms to roofs; from cellars to walls and gardens, the Bison Rubber Seal is a favorite for laymen as well as experts.

How to use the Bison Rubber Seal ?

STEP 1 Make sure the surface is not damp. Clean it to keep it free of dust and grease. If there is a need, sand it


STEP 2 Use your hands to gradually stir Bison Rubber Seal with a stirring stick. Make sure the paste is consistent in colour.


STEP 3 Apply a layer of Bison Rubber Seal with a brush, roller or rubber squeegee.Wait for ten minutes until applying the second layer.



You can even combine the Bison Rubber Seal Textile with the Bison Rubber Seal to fix up tears, cracks and seams and to facilitate layer thickness build-up. Apply Bison Rubber Seal Textile Tape immediately after applying the first layer, press well and immediately cover with the second layer.

The Versatility of Bison

This 100% waterproof and 750 percent permanently elastic seal is a breeze to apply and successfully seals almost all materials. Bison Rubber Seal is a weather resistant sealant, with anti-corrosive properties that resists erosion. Its salt and chemical resistance makes it ideal for almost any climatic conditions. With a durability of over two decades, Bison Rubber Seal is water based, solvent-free, VOC-free and completely safe as its non-toxic. So its surely wise to have a Bison Kit on your premises for these powerful adhesives to work their magic.

Adenwalla & Sons is a distributor of Bison Rubber Seal and other branded silicon sealants and acrylic sealants which are popularly used in industrial maintenance, building & construction,

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