What is Structural Dampness?

Structural dampness is the presence of unwanted moisture in the structure of a building, which may manifest itself as stains, molds or flaking paint.

What Causes Structural Dampness?

Dampness in building may occur due to bad design, faulty construction, poor quality building material, faulty plumbing, rain water penetration or the capillary action of ground water. In a city like Karachi, structural dampness is exacerbated by higher levels of humidity.

What can be done to treat Structural Dampness?

Dampness in buildings is not something to neglect because it can lead to the eventual disintegration of bricks, stones, tiles; softening and crumbling of plaster; warping, buckling and rotting of timber and the corrosion of metals. This may affect your electrical fittings and invite termites creating unhealthy living conditions.

Here are a few methods to combat structural dampness:

  • Water proofing is one way to prevent water penetration.
  • Damp proofing including membrane damp proofing and integral damp proofing keeps the walls, floors and basement dry, slowing the dampness penetration process.
  • Surface treatment includes filling up the pores of the surfaces subjected to dampness with water repellant metallic soaps.
  • Guniting makes use of a cement gun to deposit an impervious layer of rich cement mortar.
  • Cavity wall construction allows shielding the main wall of the building by an outer skin wall to prevent seepage.

The Bison Airmax Moisture Absorber

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