Permatex The Epoxy that Lasts

Be it factories, warehouses, workshops, garages, service stations and professional racetracks, Permatex is a Canadian brand which offers a wide range of versatile, easy-to-use bonding and sealing solutions which include epoxies, instant adhesives, sealants, specialty adhesives, and super glues ideal for industrial and automotive repair solutions.

A novice may argue why an epoxy like the ones available at Permatex may be better than super glue

From general purpose to material specific epoxy & adhesives, the Permatex formulations are ideal for any environment and provide a sealing solution that lasts. The variety of Permatex products include adhesives, sealants, gasket makers, thread lockers, hand cleaners, lubricants, cleaners, repair kits, and specialty repair products.

Here are three top reasons why an epoxy is preferred to a super glue:

  1. An epoxy can bond dissimilar substrates while super glue has a limitation of bonding similar substrates only.
  2. An epoxy has high structural strength as compared to a glue, allowing it to bond the toughest of materials in the toughest of conditions.
  3. An epoxy has a high peel and shear strength. Peel strengthis a material’s capacity to resist forces that can pull or peel it apart at a fixed angle and rate. Shear strength is reported as the failure stress in the adhesive, calculated by dividing the failing load by the bond area.

Be it the Permatex High Temp, a two-part kneadable putty for industrial use; the Permatex Cold Weld Bonding Compound, a miraculous two part, 15 minute adhesive and filler system or the Permatex Plastic Welder, a structural adhesive for general purpose bonding–Adenwalla & Sons in Pakistan are trusted and popular dealers and distributors of the noteworthy Permatex brand.

From industrial hand cleaners, silicone adhesives, silicone sealants, welding bonds, chain lubes, adhesive removers, anti-seize lubrication products, high temperature thread sealants, high performance thread sealants, gasket sealants, gasket makers, gasket removers, plastic welders to liquid electric tape, shop for a variety of

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