Permatex® OPTIMUM GREY Gasket Maker

Permatex® OPTIMUM GREY Gasket Maker


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Manufacturer Part # 27036

Specially formulated to withstand high vibration and high temperatures up to 700°F.

  • High Temp: up to 700°F
  • Maximum Torque Load Resistance
  • Sensor-safe, Low Odor, Non-corrosive
  • Extra Nozzle

OPTIMUM GREY combines maximum torque load and vibration resistance with extreme temperature resistance: -65°F to 700°F (-54°C to 371°C) intermittent, expanding uses and applications.  Designed for high performance and high temperature applications common in import & late model engines and component upgrades.  It is sensor safe, low odor, and non-corrosive.  Also, an extra nozzle is included adding convenience, eliminating the hassle of a clogged nozzle, and allowing multiple uses of each tube without loss of product.  The rigid torque and high temperature feature combination joined with outstanding resistance to oils, coolant, and shop fluids make OPTIMUM GREY one of the most versatile gasket makers available.

OPTIMUM GREY Suggested Applications:

  • High Temp: assemblies where high temperature & high vibration exist.
  • For high performance & premium components.  Newer domestic & import vehicles.

Valve covers, intake manifold end seals, timing covers, water pump and thermostat housings, exhaust manifolds/headers, and slip-fit exhaust parts.

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