STP® Radiator Sealer


300mlRs: 1130
Manufacturer Part # 96300
Adenwalla Part # 780

STP® Radiator Sealer is designed to repair radiator leaks quickly and effectively, forming a permanent seal. It contains corrosion inhibitors to help prevent the formation of rust and deposits. STP® Radiator Sealer also lubricates the water pump.

STP® Radiator Sealer should be used as follows;

  • Run the engine until the coolant is warm (not hot).
  • Shake bottle well & pour entire bottle of STP® Radiator Sealer into radiator.
  • Run the engine for approximately 10 minutes or drive a short distance, allowing seal to harden. Be careful when opening the radiator/cooling system: hot coolant or steam might escape. One bottle treats cooling systems up to 14 litres capacity.

STP® Radiator Sealer is suitable for all types of radiator, all types of antifreeze and safe for rubber hoses, metal parts and gaskets.

Size Case Quantity Price
300ml 6 Rs: 1130

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Weight 300 g
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