STP® Radiator Flush


300mlRs: 1750
Manufacturer Part # 95300
Adenwalla Part # 910
  • STP® Radiator Flush is designed to clean the cooling system quickly and effectively. It clears blocked water channels that can cause overheating, removing rust and sludge. Use before changing coolant or adding anti-freeze, to help keep your cooling system in optimum operating condition.

STP® Radiator Flush should be used as follows;

  • Shake bottle well & pour entire bottle into radiator.
  • Leave in the cooling system and drive for about 30 minutes.
  • Drain the radiator when cold, flush and refill with appropriate coolant/anti-freeze per manufacturer instructions.
  • On vehicles where heater cannot be drained (see handbook), run the engine with the heater on, until the engine has warmed up, then drain the system and flush with clean water before adding anti-freeze.

STP® Radiator Flush is safe to use with all metals (including aluminium), all types of radiator and safe for rubber hoses, metal parts and gaskets.

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300ml 6 Rs: 1750

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Weight 300 g
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