STP® Engine Flush


450mlRs: 1715
Manufacturer Part # 62450
Adenwalla Part # 715

Dissolves harmful sludge and deposits
STP® Engine Flush is designed to help neutralise harmful engine acids, unstick internal engine components and prevent contamination of new oil by removing contaminants left behind by ordinary draining. STP® Pulitore Motore is designed for petrol and diesel engines.

Allow the car’s engine to run until it reaches normal operating temperature, turn engine off, then pour entire bottle into oil crankcase (treats 3-5L). Start engine and run at fast idle for 15 minutes. Turn engine off and carefully drain oil whilst still hot. Replace oil filter and add appropriate oil that meets vehicle specification.

STP® Engine Flush is suitable for single, multigrade mineral and synthetic oils and designed for petrol and diesel engines.

Size Case Quantity Price
450ml 6 Rs:1715

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Weight 450 g
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