CRC Gear & Wire Rope Lube

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The CRC Wire Rope Lube is formulated to provide protection and lubrication for open gears and wire ropes under all operating conditions.

  • Quick to dry
  • The product adheres strongly to all treated areas.
  • Forms a dry, solids-enhanced, non-peeling film.
  • Reduces wear and exdtends the operational life of the equipment.
  • The tough, durable coating resists corrosion.
  • Does resist dust absorption, water wash and extreme temperatures.
  • Ideal for external use or for dust-laden atmospheres.

The product penetrates deeply for internal protection wire ropes, racks and pinions, crown wheels and cams, driving mechanisms int he construction, shipyard, docs and marine, quarrying, plant hire, heavy engineering, automotive and manufacturing industries.

Apply a light, even coating from 25-30 cm and re-apply as necessary.
Allow 15 minutes for full penetration the wire rope, before use of the equipment.

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400 ml 12

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Weight 400 g
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