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  • A product of extensive research, Evapo-Rust® is a water-based rust remover that removes rust to bare metal, without any scrubbing or sanding. It is easy to use, so anyone can restore their rusted tools, auto parts, hardware, cookware, and more to like-new condition. Since Evapo-Rust® Heavy-Duty Rust Remover is reusable, one gallon will remove 1/2 lb of dry rust.

    Removes even heavy rust completely to bare metal
    pH Neutral
    No sanding or scrubbing required
    Water soluble
    No fumes or bad odors
    Will not harm unrusted steel
    Safe on other metals
    Will not affect plastic, PVC, Viton and most paints
    Just soak, rinse, & reuse!


In a container, pour a sufficient amount of EVAPO-RUST® to completely cover the rusted object. It is best to remove escess dirt and oil prior to use.


Immerse the rusty object in the solution and leave it for 30 minutes for light rust or up to overnight for extremely heavy rust.


When finished, rinse item with water. If deep rust remains in pits, re-immerse item until all the rust is gone. Un-rusted metal will not be affected. NOTE: This stage is VERY important in getting the best results


Allow item to air dry. This will prevent rust for up to two days. Spray with Rust-Block after air drying to prevent re-rusting for up to one year.

Evapo-Rust® is offered in quart, gallon, 55 gallon sizes or 275 gallon. Please contact your local retail store or industrial supplier to see which size they carry.

Before and After photos of what Evapo-Rust can do!

See Evapo-Rust® in action by watching this informative video. Available in English and Espanol.

Click on the buttons to view or download a specific Evapo-Rust® technical documents.

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