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BKF Toilet Bowl Cleaner



BKF Toilet Bowl Cleaner begins working right away – after applying it, allow five minutes for this product to dissolve hard water stains and restore shine. The angled spout allows for easy under-the-rim application, and the extra-thick formula clings to the bowl for maximum cleaning power. (Always read the label and safety precautions before using this product).

24 fl oz860

Clean and deodorize with Toilet Bowl Cleaner from Bar Keepers Friend.

  • Hold bottle firmly with one hand while pushing down on the child-proof cap and turning counter-clockwise. Avoid squeezing the bottle as you open it.
  • Raise toilet seat and remove excess dirt and grime with a toilet brush or scrubbing sponge.
  • Flush the toilet to wet all surfaces.
  • Apply approximately six ounces of Bar Keepers Friend Toilet Bowl Cleaner to all sides and surfaces of the toilet bowl, including under the rim.
  • Replace bottle cap securely and allow product to sit in the toilet bowl for at least five minutes. Do not close toilet bowl lid during the soaking process.
  • Brush the bowl thoroughly with a toilet brush and flush.
  • Rinse brush in fresh water after use.
  • Repeat if necessary. For best results, use Bar Keepers Friend Toilet Bowl Cleaner frequently.

Where to Use:

  • Metal
  • Marble or natural stone
  • Fabric
  • Carpet
  • Old porcelain
  • Food contact surfaces

Where NOT to Use

  • TOTO® toilets
  • Plastic toilet lids
  • Stainless steel toilets
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24 fl oz 1 Rs: 860

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