Armorall Microfibre Demist Pad


1Rs: 360
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Manufacturer Part # 40003
Adenwalla Part # 240

Helps demist windows and mirrors to improve visibility.

Misty windows decrease visibility, make a mess of the vehicles windows and delays drivers in the morning when they need to get to their destination.

An easy way to handle this situation is to use the Armor All Microfibre Demist Pad.

  • Helps demist interior windscreen, windows and mirrors to improve visibility
  • Gentle, non-scratch and lint free
  • Suitable for automotive and household applications
  • Easy care – machine washable and dryable
  1. Use as required by wiping misty surface with the pad.
  2. When dirty, thoroughly wash by hand or machine at a low temperature. Rinse well with clean water and leave to dry before storing.

Do not use bleach or fabric softeners.

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1 10 Rs: 360

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Weight 50 g
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