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Multi-Purpose Lubricants

Maintenance Aerosols

CRC Industries Europe is a worldwide supplier of chemical products for the industry, automotive and electro segments. It manufactures and supplys: cleaners, lubricants, anti-corrosion products, adhesives, welding products, additives, paints, moulding products and other speciality products.


Perfects, a Belgium based brand, lines professional aerosol solution products like Contact Cleaner, Instant Cleaner, Degreaser Cleaner, Power Duster, and Freeze Spray.


Armored AutoGroup

Armored AutoGroup Inc., headquartered in Danbury, Conn., is primarily comprised of the Armor All®, STP®, and Tuff Stuff® brands. The current Armor All product line of protectants, wipes, tire and wheel care products, glass cleaners, leather care products and washes is designed to clean, shine and protect interior and exterior automobile surfaces. The STP product line of oil and fuel additives, functional fluids and automotive appearance products has a broad customer base ranging from professional racers to car enthusiasts and “Do-it-Yourselfers”. The Tuff Stuff product line helps clean the messiest things.

Industrial Maintenance Products


Grease & Lubricants

Molyslip, a UK based brand has been producing superior lubricating products for the Automotive, Industrial & Marine and Home & Recreational markets for over 40 years.
Dow Corning®, a US based brand specializing in silicone technology, provides performance-enhancing products and solutions to virtually all kinds of industries.
Molykote, brand specialty lubricants from Dow Corning, gives options for meeting industrial lubrication needs for load, environment, temperature and speed.
Revol Limited is a UK based independent manufacturer of speciality industrial lubricants producing a wide range of products primarily comprising of greases, colloidal dispersions and oils. 

Adhesives & Sealants


Fluid Sealing & Fluid Control Products

Slade are manufacturers of patented reinforced graphite foil yarns, braided packings, and gaskets. Slade manufactures all of its own patented graphite yarns.
Klinger is the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of quality sealing products for the oil and gas, petrochemical, aerospace and defence, utilities, pharmaceuticals and chemical industries.
Temac is a leading Central European manufacturer and distributor of industrial gaskets and sealings, which are used in power engineering, chemical, gas, oil, petrochemical and general machine-building industries.


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