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Multi-Purpose Lubricants


WD-40, a Water Displacement formula created 60 years back in USA to prevent rust and corrosion in aerospace.


Now, carries range of products providing unique, high-value and easy to use solutions for a wide variety of maintenance needs.

For more details, www.wd40.co.uk

Maintenance Aerosols


CRC started in USA in 1958 as Corrosion Reaction Consultants. CRC is a global supplier of chemical specialty products, to meet the needs of Automotive , Marine, Heavy Truck, Hardware, Electrical, Industrial & Aviation markets.

For more details, www.crcind.com


Fluid Control & Sealing Products

Gasket Sheets

Gasket Makers, Sealants, Hand Cleaners, and Thread Lockers

Adhesive & Sealants


KLINGER is an established top leader for sealing, fluid control and fluid monitoring solutions. The company was founded in 1886 as a family business and is known as a pioneer in sealing technology.

Klinger products are trusted worldwide by Petro-Chemical, Chemical, Power Generation, Sugar, Cement, Textile, Infrastructure and Transportation industries.


Today, the Group comprises 40 companies and more than 60 manufacturing, distribution and service hubs worldwide. 

For more details, www.klinger-international.com


Temac is a leading Central European manufacturer and distributor of industrial gaskets and sealings, which are used in power engineering, chemical, gas, oil, petrochemical and general machine-building industries.

For more details, www.temac.cz

Cooling System Repair

Silicone Sealants and Tapes

Sealants & Coatings

General Purpose & Specialty Lubricants

Specialty Lubricants 

Stain Remover for Textiles

Gland Packing 

Rock Wool, Ceramic Wool, Glass Wool

PTFE, POM, Nylon

Home & Auto Care

Automotive Repair & Paint Products

Do It Yourself

Surface Care Products

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